Football Betting

If you are captivated by the idea of getting a bit of extra money when cheering for your favorite team, GGBet betting on football might be right up your alley. With a bulk of wager types, top-tier stats, and a diversity of leagues, GGBet offers sports enthusiasts exceptional opportunities to dive deep into the fun-powered gambling experience. We will walk you through all the ins and outs of football stakes to help you embark on the betting scene, so let’s jump into the action!

Popular Types of Football Bets

Proficient knowledge of bet types will do a lot of good to you, especially if you are new to GGBet football betting. Although the wide variety of markets available on our website may confuse you a little, everything is simpler than it seems. We have defined the most popular wager types so that you can use them to your benefit:


The market is hugely popular for betting on football games due to its simplicity. All you need is to define one of three possible outcomes: 1 – first team wins, 2 - second team wins, x – a draw will take place.

Both Teams to Score

Bet on Yes or No, depending on whether you believe that both teams will shoot at least one goal or either of them will manage to do this. Pick No if you also think that just one team will score in a match.

First to Score

This is another straightforward type of football bets which should be treated just like the name suggests – choose a match participant that will be the first to net a goal in any half of the match.

Over/Under (Total)

The betting line is defined by a bookmaker as the potential total number of goals scored by both teams during a game. If the total is set as 1.5, the over bet will win in case the teams score at least 2 points, while the under – if they will shoot just 1 goal.


Handicaps are used to make uneven matches even and are assigned to the teams according to the expected match result or goal difference. For example, if you wager on the favorites with a negative -2.5 handicap, they need to win by 3 scores for you to obtain a payout, and if you bet on the underdogs at +2.5, you will get your win in case they lose by 2 points.

GGBet Football Betting

Best Tournaments for GGBet Football Sports Betting

GGBet boasts the largest selection of leagues and tournaments for football betting online. Major international events with amazing prize pools, prominent European competitions, forthcoming national matches – you will always have plenty of opportunities to bet on. The best and most popular leagues include:

  • FIFA World Cup
  • UEFA European Championship
  • EURO Cup
  • UEFA Champions League
  • English League One
  • FA Cup
  • English Premier League
  • English Super League
  • AFC Cup
  • Bundesliga
  • LaLiga

FIFA World Cup

GGBet Promos & Bonuses for Football Betting

GGBet football betting promo codes and bonuses are designed to expand your gambling opportunities and may even boost your bankroll if used smartly. We offer a lot of valuable rewards for both regular bettors and those who are just starting their betting journey. Meet the most popular types of bonus codes to catch at GGBet:

  • Welcome bonus – one-time, the most generous reward that can be claimed after registration.
  • No-deposit bonus – get some nice goodies with no initial deposit.
  • Deposit bonus – a profitable offer which matches a certain percentage of your deposit, providing a substantial boost to your bankroll.
  • Freebets – risk-free bonus bets for football and many other sports.
  • Bet insurance – insure a portion or a full amount of your wager, and we will return it if your prediction does not work out.

GGBet Live Football Betting & Match Streaming

GGBet live football betting has exploded in popularity in recent years. In addition to placing pre-match stakes, players have an opportunity to get into the very heart of the action and make wagers in real time, which allows them to evaluate the current situation on the field and come up with more successful gambling strategies. At GGBet, we make live football betting odds as accurate as possible and update them as the game evolves. Meanwhile, you can also take advantage of our streaming services to get real-time access to what is happening on the field – enjoy high video and stream quality on any device.

GGBet Live Football

Tips & Strategies for Betting on Football Games

Even if you visit the football betting site GGBet and wager on sports for pure enjoyment, your hobby may quickly become pretty expensive if it does not generate profits. And you are probably eager to win some extra cash, aren’t you? These tips for betting on football will come in handy:


  • puzzle out all betting markets and decide which are easier for you to predict;
  • know your spending limits;
  • do your research to get an idea of the physical form of players, their injuries, etc.;
  • claim bonuses that fit your betting needs;
  • track your results, analyze losses and wins.


  • do not engage in GGBet football sports betting if you feel unwell and cannot think clearly;
  • avoid wagering on every single match if you know nothing about the teams.


What football competitions are available for betting on the GGBet website?

The GGBet website gives you access to an overwhelming number of football betting games, from the most outstanding world tournaments to popular national leagues. Pick the one you are keen on from the left-hand panel and go ahead betting.

Does GGBet offer live bets on football?

Live bets can be placed on football matches both via the website and the GGBet football betting app. Wait for a match to begin, consider the odds, and make your stakes.

Can I claim some particular football bonuses or promos on GGBet?

You are free to claim a variety of GGBet sports bonuses for football, including stake insurance, deposit bonuses, cashback, and many others. A full list is presented in the My Sports Bonuses section.

What is the minimum wager limit for placing GGBet bets on football?

You can wager a minimum of $0.50 or the equivalent in your chosen currency. The maximum amount varies, and you will see it in the betting slip.

Are there any stats and football game analysis on GGBet?

Sure. GGBet covers a lot of useful information, including the latest game analysis and stats, accessible by clicking on the match you wish to bet on.