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GGBet eSport Odds & Betting

eSports have exploded in popularity over the recent years making a worthy competition to more traditional sports. Superstar players compete in massive tournaments for large prize pools while millions of fans watch the matches on live streams keeping their fingers crossed for their favorite teams. eSports open up a whole bunch of opportunities for betting, and GGBet is here to ensure that every risk-taker will have a top-notch gambling experience on our website!

GGBet eSport Betting Disciplines

eSport betting is truly immersive and interactive if you’re with a dedicated bookmaker. And GGBet is the best in this regard! We’re well-versed in the industry and offer a wide selection of eSports to bet on. All the disciplines differ by genre, keep reading to determine what titles you’ll find on the GGBet eSport betting platform.

  • First- and third-person shooters – Valorant, Fortnite, CS:GO, PUBG, Halo, Crossfire, Overwatch, Call of Duty;
  • MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games – League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite, King of Glory, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Brawl Starts, Heroes of the Storm, Vainglory;
  • RTS (Real-time strategies) – Warcraft III, StarCraft, StarCraft II;
  • Other titles – Hearthstone, Formula 1, World of Tanks, Rocket League.

GGBet esport live betting

Popular Disciplines with Best GGBet eSports Live Odds

Betting may be a highly profitable venture if you make well-thought-out stakes considering the GGBet eSport odds. We offer good payouts for any discipline, so you just need to choose a title to your liking and predict the outcome of an event. Explore the top 5 disciplines experienced gamblers consider the most money-making due to good GGBet eSports live odds.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The game has built an impressive community of admirers, and that’s not surprising. This classic first-person shooter takes precedence in terms of combat mechanics. A satisfying betting experience is guaranteed, the more so that the matches are quick.

League of Legends

This amazing MOBA game brings nothing but enjoyment to both gamers and bettors. There are so many ways things can develop that the matches are watched in one breath. The pro players will surprise you with their mastery as the game has a high skill ceiling and requires tactical thinking.


Valorant has taken the betting market by storm. The viewership is high just like the quality of this shooter – well-designed maps, lots of tactical options, nice gunplay mechanics, and the agent’s supernatural powers add particular spice to the game. There’s also a great tournament variety, so you have every chance to get some hefty cash while betting on Valorant matches.  


The world of Fortnite is very immersive. But when the matches occur between pro players, the jaw-dropping watching experience is guaranteed! What’s more, multiple markets and high odds make Fortnite an excellent choice for betting.

Dota 2

Since Dota 2 may bring you a lot of fun and profit, it’s one of the most complex MOBA eSports due to the endless amount of gaming combinations regarding heroes and items. So you should understand the game to boost the probability of predicting the right match outcome.

GGBet bettinng on esport

Types of GGBet eSports Bets

If you're new to the world of betting, you’ll be surprised how many wagering opportunities are available for you on GGBet. We offer not just basic but also more exotic bet varieties to make gambling as thrilling as possible. The markets may differ for each discipline, but the most common types of GGBet eSports bets include:

Match Winner

This is the simplest bet which can be found in any eSports discipline. The essence is clear – you must predict which team will gain victory in a match. You’re allowed to make this bet both before and during the game.

First Map/Map Winner

This is an alternative to the Match Winner bet, but now your task is to bet on the team which will take over the map. The market is available predominantly in first-person shooters where each game round is played at a new location.

First Kill/First Blood

It’s all about projecting which team has a higher chance to draw the first blood in a match. Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter whether the first kill is initiated at the beginning or at the very end of the playing period.

Number of Kills

The bet comes in the Over/Under format. That is, you wager on whether the total number of kills will be either lower or higher than the bookmaker’s odds. The market is especially popular among Dota 2 and CS:GO fans.

Outright Winner

The Outright Winner bet involves wagering on a particular team to win the entire tournament. The market requires some expertise, as you’ll hardly make the right choice without knowing anything about the eSport, teams, and players. However, the odds are super-generous and can make your bankroll skyrocket.

GGBet eSport Bonuses & Promos

GGBet offers a great range of bonuses and promotions on a day-to-day basis. At the same time, we have generous rewards for both novice and long-term players, and you can find all these offerings by navigating to the corresponding sections on our website. Not sure what offer to grab? The most well-loved options among our gamblers include:

  • Welcome bonus – a bonus given for registration and your first deposit, GGBet welcomes you with extra cash.
  • Cashback – return a part of your losses and spend this money on GGBet eSport betting or any other gambling entertainment.
  • Deposit bonus – make a deposit and get a generous percentage of bonus cash in return.

GGBet esport bonus

GGBet eSport Betting Strategies: Tips for Newbies

Gamblers have been racking their brains over winning betting strategies since the advent of the industry. But we’ll tell you one little secret – no special tactics exist. You can’t win all the time, this is the entire point of gambling. But some tips may help you get the best out of GGBet betting on eSport and increase your chances of winning.



  • Take advantage of bonuses
  • Expand your knowledge about the preferred eSport discipline
  • Make an in-depth analysis of teams and players
  • Set your bankroll limits and stick to them
  • Avoid wagering on your favorite team if they’re likely to lose
  • Don’t try to cover your losses
  • Never ignore the odds


How to start GGBet betting on eSport?

First of all, register and verify your GGBet account. Then, grab your welcome bonus, go to the eSports page, and choose a discipline you like. Click on the match you’re eager to bet on, pick a market, set the wager amount, and confirm your choice. Good luck!

What are the biggest eSport events to bet on?

Big eSports events can be found in any discipline, these are tournaments and championships where pro teams compete for large prize pools. The most prominent events include Dota Major, the International, LoL World Championship, Overwatch League, ML:BB Professional League, CS:GO Major, and Fortnite World Cup.

What do handicaps mean in eSport betting?

Handicap is a special type of bet which implies giving an advantage to a potentially weaker team in order to even the game. Such bets are presented with “-” and “+” symbols and may come in two variations – Asian and European.

How do GGBet eSport round robin bets work?

A round robin bet refers to a series of smaller, concurrent parlays created out of a bigger list of bets. It’s a safer wagering option since it still remains profitable even if one of your chosen teams loses.