Basketball Betting

Basketball is one of the most common sports that attracts the attention of millions of fans around the world. Betting on basketball is one of the most popular and profitable forms of making money. In this sport, there are many factors that influence the outcome of matches, which makes it especially interesting for bettors.

Popular Basketball Leagues for Betting

There are many basketball leagues around the world, but the most popular are the NBA (USA), Euroleague (Europe), FIBA Champions League (Europe), FIBA European Cup (Europe), and many others.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the most famous and commercially successful professional basketball league in the world. It was founded in 1946 and includes 30 teams from the United States and Canada. The NBA season runs from October through June, with more than 1,200 games played. The NBA attracts many bets from around the world because of its high level of play and famous stars such as LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant.

The Euroleague is the premier league in Europe, featuring the best basketball clubs from different countries. The Euroleague runs from October through May and includes 18 teams. In addition, there are many other national and regional leagues in Europe, such as the ACBA League in Italy, the ASEBL League in Spain, the French League, the Bundesliga in Germany, etc.

The FIBA Champions League is another popular international competition in basketball that runs from October through May. The best clubs from different countries participate in the league, and the winner receives the right to participate in the next Euroleague season.

Japan, China, the Philippines, South Korea, and many other countries have their own national leagues, which also attract many bets.

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What Are The Best Outcomes to Bet on Basketball?

Bet Type Description Outcome Option
Match Winner Bet on the team that will win the match Lakers win against Golden State Warriors
Total Match Bet on the total number of points in the match Total score over 230 in Clippers v Rockets game
Handicap Bet on the difference in points between teams, taking into account the handicap Miami Heat -7.5 vs. Chicago Bulls
Player Statistics Bets on individual player performance such as points, rebounds, assists, etc. LeBron James to score over 60 against Houston Rockets
Number of Free Kicks Predict the number of free throws in a certain match Houston Rockets to score at least 15 penalty points per game

Here are five of the most popular types of basketball bets with a description and an example. In addition, you can find additional special types of basketball bets that can be offered at GGBet.

5 Rules Every Beginner in Basketball Betting Should Know

  • Study statistics and analyze previous matches. This will help you better understand the form and condition of teams, as well as predict the outcome of matches.
  • Don't bet on emotions. Basketball betting, like any other sport, should be based on facts and logic, not on emotions and prejudice.
  • Use a bankroll management strategy. Break your bankroll into several parts and bet only a certain percentage of it on each bet.
  • Research the bookmaker's line and choose the most profitable bets. Don't be afraid to look for alternative betting options like totals, handicaps, etc.
  • Don't forget about strategy and discipline. Try to stick to a certain strategy and not deviate from it, even if your bet loses. Also, don't bet too much, especially on unknown tournaments and teams.

How to Bet on Basketball: Real Examples with Odds

Example 1: Match Winner

You decide to bet on the Lakers to win against the Golden State Warriors. The odds on this bet are 1.50 and you decide to bet $100. If the Lakers win, you'll have a potential $150 win.

Example 2: Total

You want to bet on the total score of the Clippers vs. the Rockets. You have selected the "Total over 200" option and the odds for this bet are 1.85. You decide to bet $50. If the total points in the match exceed 200, then you will receive a possible prize of $92.5.

Example 3: Handicap

You bet on the Miami Heat with a -7.5 handicap against the Chicago Bulls. The odds on this bet are 1.90 and you decide to bet $75. If the Miami Heat wins by 8 points or more, you will have a potential win of $142.5.

How To Properly Allocate The Budget for Bets?

To properly manage your bankroll for basketball betting, you need to break your budget into several parts, for example, a month. You should not bet all your money on one game, it is better to choose several matches and place small bets on them. The size of the bet should be proportional to your total amount, for example, no more than 5-10%. It is also worth avoiding risky bets and betting only on the outcome of which you are sure. You should not bet under the influence of emotions, as this can lead to large losses. Try to be disciplined and stick to your strategy.